Fairsearch Plugin for Elasticsearch

The Fairsearch plug-in for Elasticsearch is an implementation of the FA*IR algorithm. It enables you to apply a positive action policy in which elements are re-ranked to ensure a fair representation of minorities or disadvantaged people.

This plugin has been developed by Pere Urbón and, later, by Ivan Kitanovski in collaboration with researchers at TU Berlin and Pompeu Fabra University, with support from a grant by the Data Transparency Lab.

Get started


Pre-built versions can be found here. Want a build for an ES version? Follow the instructions in the README for building or create an issue. Once you’ve found a version compatible with your Elasticsearch, you’d run a command such as:

(It’s expected you’ll confirm some security exceptions, you can pass -b to elasticsearch-plugin to automatically install)


  • If you have questions or feedback, see Contact

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